Actic Anywhere

By Actic Sverige AB

Actic Anywhere is the app that helps and inspires you in your training. Actic Anywhere offers a wide variety of different types of exercise. It can be used for training at home, outdoors or as inspiration and guidance in the gym.

Actic Anywhere contains several hundred clearly filmed exercises that you can choose to perform in various forms of exercise such as:

* Pre-composed Workouts

* Goal Focused Programs

* Bootcamps

* Group Training

* Personal Training

The App excellent for both the existing Actic member and other training enthusiasts at all levels.

Follow up your Training

The app contains a logbook where you can schedule your training and create your own workouts. You can also follow up and get statistics on your training. By connecting your personal training watch or other equipment to the app, you can easily follow your training journey and get a complete picture of all the training you perform.

Connect with Apple Health to automatically log steps and weight in your training diary.

You can also follow, be inspired and boost your friends' training directly in the app.

Actic Anywhere makes it easy and fun for you to train and every week there are new training sessions such as will challenge and inspire you to reach your goals. Happy Training!


The sessions contain filmed exercises so that you can easily be guided in your training and get help on how to perform exercises correctly. The sessions are composed by a trained instructor and you can choose move from a number of categories such as; Strength, Endurance, Mobility, High Intensity Training and Meditation. There are both long and short passes. The app is constantly updated with new moves.


The app also contains several programs and new ones are often added. A program contains a number of sessions that you must complete in order to reach a specific goal. You can decide and schedule when the sessions in the program will take place. The program lasts a number of weeks. Here you get help to maintain your training discipline and achieve the goal the program aims at. You can also invite and challenge a friend to run the same program.


In the app there are underneath periods access until Bootcamps. The bootcamp starts at a certain time and lasts for a number of weeks. You will be guided by a coach during the period that the bootcamp is active. Gather a bunch of friends or colleagues and have fun together.

Group training

When you do not have the opportunity to get to the gym to complete a group training session, the app enables you to run Actics group training sessions when it suits you. The sessions are filmed and you get guidance in your training. The passes are updated regularly and there are different categories of passes to choose from. The group training takes place without equipment and works excellently as home training.

PT online

Do you want a personal trainer but do not always have the opportunity to come to the gym. Then the app offers you a personal trainer online. Your personal trainer will coach you and give you tailor-made moves to challenge yourself, reach your goals and find joy in your training.

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