Baby Tracker - Newborn Feeding, Sleep, Diaper

By HokkabazSoft

Baby Tracker - Newborn Feeding, Sleep, DiaperBaby Tracker - Newborn Feeding, Sleep, DiaperBaby Tracker - Newborn Feeding, Sleep, DiaperBaby Tracker - Newborn Feeding, Sleep, DiaperBaby Tracker - Newborn Feeding, Sleep, Diaper

Baby Tracker - Newborn Feeding, Sleep, Diaper utility is probably the most superior, most comprehensive, helpful child care and child tracker application on Google Play. It does NOT need an energetic internet connection.

This software will accompany you while raising your new child baby starting from the day your child is born. You will be succesful of tracker everyday and week by week development of your baby.

Main features of the application:

- QA: You can ask questions to different moms utilizing the application and reply to the questions of them.

- Weekly Development: You can learn the week by week improvement of your newborn baby and study more concerning the methods of baby care with the weekly suggestions.

- Monthly Development: You can take a look at the development information on a monthly basis and evaluate them with your baby to find out if one thing is incorrect.

- Daily Questions: We present you with the data you want to know with every day questions and solutions we offer.

You can record and tracker the next:

●Baby sleeping tracker

●Height, weight, and head circumference

●Diapers newborn

●Breastfeed tracker

●baby feeding tracker




●Playtime, trips, etc


We current to you all the info you report with graphics. In this manner, you can analyze the whole month by simply looking at a single screen.

- The utility will remind you actions such as breastfeed, sleeping, medication in order that the sleep, feeding and related cycles of your infants will be in order.

- You can study more about baby care and nurture with the help of thousands of articles in different categories available within the utility.

- You can tracker the vaccinations of your baby.

- You can take a look at extra method recipes on your baby relying on his or her month and let your child have a feast.

- You can calm and let your child asleep with special sounds and lullabies we have chosen specially for colic infants.

- You can report your child's special moments with the notepad.

- You will understand that the built-in torch may be very helpful.

- You will learn extra about your baby's signal.

- You can take a look at each activity any day by visiting the calendar and make comparisons with earlier weeks or months.

- You will discover baby care articles specially written for new child babies

* This software is a newborn child care tracker application. The data out there in the software has been prepared with the assistance of the internet and specialists. The knowledge within the application is introduced to you based on common knowledge. It might not characterize the precise values of your baby. We recommend that you don't comply with the recommendations within the application without consulting your physician.

* You can even discover the question and answer platform throughout the application by visiting link. You can log in with the identical account info.

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