Bullet Hell Monday Black


Bullet Hell Monday BlackBullet Hell Monday BlackBullet Hell Monday BlackBullet Hell Monday BlackBullet Hell Monday Black

Clear fee lower than 1.0%.

Bullet hell shmup with particular weapons.

A excessive remix model of our previous work, Bullet Hell Monday

Vertical Scrolling Danmaku 2D Shooting (STG)

Bite the overwhelming barrage with special weapons!

*** Notice ***

If the game crushes on the outcome display screen in Challenge mode or Endless mode, attempt logging out from the Play game on the leaderboard display screen.


The difficulty level is very high.

If you aren't good at this style, start with the relatively easy ORIGINAL mode or the earlier sport that even novices can play.


■ Characteristics

- 2 weapons and 6 specials

- Original mode and Black mode

- 4 difficulty settings

- Replay functionality

- A leader board for all stages on all difficulties

- Cloud saving

* Stage 1 could be performed free of charge.

* Stage 2 and beyond required cost to be performed.

* Available languages: English/Japanese

* RAM: 2GB or more required

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