Color Hero - Shooting


Color Hero - ShootingColor Hero - ShootingColor Hero - ShootingColor Hero - ShootingColor Hero - Shooting

The NEW BREAKING TYPE of bullet hell (Danmaku) capturing game!

If Can’t Avoid, Then Block Up!

Bounce off the bullets and defeat the enemies!

Once upon a time, Defenoidian lived fortunately ever after on Defenoid planet.

All out of sudden, some evils came out from nowhere and attacked the


Defenoidian s sorrowfully cried about their stolen colors and the planet!

Defenoidians need your help to retrieve their planet back with the shield!

And more, them to battle again their very own colors!

This just isn't such a cliché sort of game; don’t miss the sport of

Toss the Bullets from the enemies Back to Them!

Game Features

- Brand new style of recreation that has by no means showed up!

- Kick off the enemies by bouncing off the bullets against a volley of


- More than 30 adorable characters of Defenoid people!

- Simple control with one finger!

- Various ranges available for the beginner to the master!

How to Play

- Defense or keep away from the pink and glowing bullets.

- Avoiding the laser beam is a must! They can't be defensed.

- Don’t bump into the enemies!

- Never go away the circular stage.

- Defeat the enemies with the abilities and the bounced-off bullets.

- Achieve the items and turn into more stronger.

Let’s go on an adventure with the Defenoidian and struggle again the Defenoid

planet! Reach the bounds with the beautiful Defenoidians!

**The up to date news will be uploaded on the Facebook Twitter web page.

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