Cube Timer

By Peter Ho

Cube Timer

The utility records the time for completion of magic cubes 3x3x3, 4x4x4 and so on.


1. Scramble Generator

2. The best time and average time are calculated.

3. Limit 500 records

4. Support English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Trad. Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Japanese

Features in PRO

1. Inspection timer

2. Self-defined scrambler of your favorite cubes

3. Chart

4. Export time records to comma-separated values (CSV) files.

5. No limitation

6. No ad


* Prevent telephone from sleeping is used to keep the display screen on for user taking lap

How to make use of the app ?

Tap the hand icon to reset the timer. The timer will start whenever you hand leave the icon. Tap the hand icon once more to cease the timer.

Note :

For those who want assist please e mail to the designated email.

Do NOT use either the suggestions area to put in writing questions, it isn't acceptable and that's not assured that may read them.

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