DontKillMyApp ✌️ Make apps work

By Urbandroid (Petr Nálevka)

DontKillMyApp ✌️ Make apps workDontKillMyApp ✌️ Make apps workDontKillMyApp ✌️ Make apps work

The official DontKillMyApp app is here - make apps finally work properly even when you don't personal a Pixel.

Helps you arrange your cellphone background tasks so that your apps can lastly work for YOU even when not wanting at the display proper now.

See how is your phone doing and test totally different settings with DontKillMyApp benchmark.


• DKMA benchmark: Measure how aggressively is your telephone killing background apps

• Guides: Get actionable steps to overcome most background process restrictions

• Make a change:️ Help smartphones keep good by sharing your benchmark report to

DontKillMyApp is a benchmark tool to see how nicely does your telephone assist background processing. You can measure before organising your phone, then undergo the setup guides and benchmark again to see how a lot has your cellphone been slacking in the background.

You can share your report by way of the app to the maintainers of the website who compile it and base the overall negative rating on it.

How does the benchmark work? (Technical!)

The app begins a foreground service with a wake lock and schedules repetitive activity on the main thread, a custom thread executor and schedules regular alarms (AlarmManager.setExactAndAllowWhileIdle). Then it calculates executed vs. anticipated. That's it!

For extra details examine the code. The app is open source obtainable at

This app is open source and this challenge is maintained by volunteers who care about the Android ecosystem, feel the present pain and wish to make it better.

Special due to Doki (

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