G-NetLook Pro

By GyokovSolutions

G-NetLook ProG-NetLook ProG-NetLook ProG-NetLook ProG-NetLook Pro

G-NetLook Pro is an Android app for cellular network optimization.

It can be used for visualization of cell network, neighbor cells planning, antenna tilt adjustment and postprocessing of G-NetTrack Pro logfiles or measurements from your individual database.

This is one-time payment app. There aren't any month-to-month charges.

See video demo here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LgerYuEyDxklist=PLeZ3lA81P9ETdfOnZK224oqIOIjJ_FBj0

The app is beneficial for engineers working in Radio Planning and Optimization.

If you would possibly be just thinking about analyzing drivetest logfiles you presumably can strive G-NetView - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gyokovsolutions.gnetviewpro


1.Mobile network visualization

- cell visualization on the map

- neighbor cells visualization

- cell data data display

- neighbor relations analysis - distance and reciprocity check

- cell search

2.Postprocessing of G-NetTrack logfiles or measurements from your personal database

- logfile visualization on map

- serving and neighbor cell lines visualization


- measurement level info

- measurements charts

- measurements histogram statistics charts

- export of measurement charts and statistics in html format to be viewed on desktop browser

- logfile player

- floorplan load for indoor measurements

3.Neighbors Analyzer - can be used in two ways:

- for automated neighbor cells planning

- for lacking neighbor cells detection

See video demo - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pIdhGWcuRJc

4. Tilt Optimizer - for antenna tilt automated calculation

See video demo - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EtzUAp8czBk

5. Antenna tilt adjustment - export of antenna beamwidth planes in kml format for visualization in Google Earth.

See demo video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5N58M9lmjQ

- cell protection - kml export of 1 cell with choice to alter tilt, beamwidth and height

- multi cell protection - kml export of a number of cells - the kml is organized in technology and cell layer.

The kml file accommodates three planes:

- central (max power) - angle=tilt

- higher (-3dB) - angle = tilt-verticalbeamwidth/2

- decrease (-3dB) - angle = tilt verticalbeamwidth/2

6. Exports

- cell and neighbor relations export in text and kml format - See video demo - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2VdXLba310

- possibility to incorporate lacking neighbors in export

7. Online database knowledge. You can use your own database using G-NetReport Pro for Android or public G-NetReport database.

- load measurements from on-line database

- load cell knowledge

How to create your database and set the app to make use of it:

- download scripts - http://www.gyokovsolutions.com/downloads/scripts/gnetlook_scripts.rar

- for measurement knowledge use G-NetReport Pro. For reading logdata from database the script logdata.php is used.

- for cell knowledge use create_celltable.txt script to create desk called 'cells' in your database. For reading celldata from database the script sitedata.php is used. the script in Settings -

Database setup - https://gyokovsolutions.com/g-netlook-pro/

Check also:

G-NetLook Web - net app for visualization and analysis of cellular network - https://gyokovsolutions.com/G-NetLook

G-NetReport Pro - similar to G-NetTrack Pro, however you probably can send stories in real time to your individual online database and organize your measurement fleet of reporting phones - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gyokovsolutions.gnetreportpro

G-NetLook Pro - manual - http://www.gyokovsolutions.com/manuals/gnetlookpro_manual.php

Download pattern recordsdata for cells and neighbors here:

cellfile.txt - http://www.gyokovsolutions.com/downloads/G-NetLook/cellfile.txt

neifile.txt - http://www.gyokovsolutions.com/downloads/G-NetLook/neifile.txt

test_logfile.txt - http://www.gyokovsolutions.com/downloads/G-NetLook/test_logfile.txt

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