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G tunerG tunerG tunerG tunerG tuner

Playing the guitar is enjoyable, however tuning it's a ache ...

G-Tuner will surely be one of the best tuner for players who assume so.

In many tuner functions thus far, the indication tends to be unstable because of noise, which prevents the graceful tuning.

G-Tuner tremendously reduces the affect of noise by our pitch detection know-how specialized for the microphone input, and it makes players free from the frustration.

And also about primary performances such as accuracy and responsiveness of indication, we have achieved a high degree that can be used in skilled applications.

While the interface is straightforward sufficient even for newbies, it additionally presents some practical choices to meet advanced necessities.

### Specification ###

- Supported devices: Any plucked string instruments corresponding to Guitar, Bass guitar, Banjo, etc.

- Pitch accuracy: ±0.1 cents (at 440 Hz)

- Pitch range: E0 to E7 (Note: 4th str. of bass = E1, 1st str. of guitar = E4)

- Calibration range: 390 to 490 Hz (1 Hz step)

- FLAT / CAPO (shift tuning): -5 to 7 frets

- Display modes:

- Strings mode

- Chromatic mode*

- Tolerance setting:

- MED (in-tune = ±5.0 cents)

- HIGH* (in-tune = ±2.5 cents) (The value is selectable)

- Altered tuning*:

- In addition to preset data for guitar, bass guitar, banjo, mandolin, ukulele

- user-defined tunings may be added.

- Other features:

- In-tune notification

- Tuning state indication for each string

- Detailed pitch information* (detected pitch, goal pitch, pitch error)

* these features are advanced options

We offer a free trial interval of 30 days for these options.

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