Pregnancy Tracking

By HokkabazSoft

Pregnancy TrackingPregnancy TrackingPregnancy TrackingPregnancy TrackingPregnancy Tracking

Today's technology has advanced so much that now you can get information about the issues that come to your mind or find solutions to your simple problems without going to your doctor. In order to help you, we have compiled what happened during pregnancy for 40 weeks and put it at your service by researching and getting help from experts. While using our pregnancy tracking program, you will see that it is one of the simplest and most comprehensive pregnancy tracking programs to use. The main features of the pregnancy follow-up program are as follows;

- Detailed information for each week. You will have detailed information about the development of you or your baby.

- You can examine the pictures of your baby created with ultrasound or 3d drawings for each week.

- You can learn nutrition tips for each week of your pregnancy and have a healthy pregnancy.

- You can watch the changes monthly for 9 months and you can have information.

- You can watch the videos of the baby in the womb during the forty week.

- Your baby's height and height from week to week. You can track your weight.

- You can ask other users questions and write answers to their questions. Thus, you will get the thoughts of other mothers about the parts you have in mind.

*This application is a pregnancy tracking application. The data in the application has been prepared through the web and experts. The data in the application is presented to you based on the average data. It may not give the true values ​​of your baby. We recommend that you do not follow the recommendations in the application without consulting your doctor. You can safely follow your pregnancy week by week. You can also follow the question and answer platform in the application by accessing the page You can log in with the same account information.

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