By SMH17


IAFace brings you the face analysis features of Image Analysis Toolset (IAT) if you don't need all the others features offered by IAT.

► Detect multiple faces within an image, along with the associated facial attributes.

This function is also able to perform an emotional analysis to determine the emotional state plus It can tell you if the person is wearing headwear.

► Estimate the likely age range of a person from a picture analyzing his\her facial features.

► Compare two faces to see the resemblance level between 2 persons analyzing the structural features of the two faces.

► Identify celebrities.


◙ You can enable the vocal output from settings to configure the App to speak out loud results.

◙ Share a picture from whatever app with Image Analysis Toolset and IAFace will load your picture and when you select a feature, the selected picture will be analyzed directly.

◙ You can export the results as text file.

◙ Can be used also without any Internet connection (however without an active internet connection results will be less accurate and some analysis modes aren't available).

◙ The App supports TalkBack and can be used also by low-vision users.

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