Children's Songs

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Children's SongsChildren's SongsChildren's SongsChildren's SongsChildren's Songs

The Most Complete Kindergarten TPA and PAUD Kindergarten Song Collection Application (100% Offline). The best children's songs, with beautiful and melodious vocals, children's lyrics and photos. The MP3 sound quality is very clear (HD), and it doesn't require an internet connection at all to play each song. So, this application is 100 pc offline.

It consists of popular children's songs, Indonesian folk songs, Muslim children's songs, to English children's songs. This application is very suitable for Kindergarten (TK), Early Childhood Education (PAUD), to Elementary School (SD) level.

There are various features in this application, such as application share features and song sharing, can be played in the background, and every sound (MP3) can be set as ringtones for your smartphone.

Made with a simple design, colorful and easy to use by the little one. Download for free, and listen to a variety of Indonesian children's songs through your smartphone.


* Complete collection of children's songs.

* 100 percent Offline.

* MP3 Audio is Clear and Quality (HD).

* Can be set as an Alarm.

* Share Songs to social media .

* Auto Next / Auto Play songs

* Can be played in the background / minimized

* Pre-school Kids Songs

* Features Play, Pause, Mute, Next, Prev.

* Play Shuffle (Play continuously)

* Colorful Background.

* Small App Size.

* Fast and Light.

* Simple and Easy to Use.

* Full Audio Playlist (Offline).

* Lyrics

* HD photos

In this application, including:

* Lizards on the Wall

* My Balloons

* Little Star

* Morning Star

* Finch

* Happy Here

* Two Eyes I

* Glittering

* Kring Kring

* Kung Ikaw Ay Masaya

* Kukuruyuk

* Dictionary

* See My Garden

* Pa's Food

* Go Up

* Nina Bobo

* Uncle Coming

* Rainbow

* Pok Ame Ame

* Cut

* One Plus One

* Tik Tik

* My Hat is Round

* abc songs

singing children - Hopefully this Kindergarten and Early Childhood Children's Song Collection application is useful. Don't forget to assist us by giving a review and star rating.


The copyright of all songs in this application belongs to the creators, musicians and music labels who own it. concerned. Songs are used only for aesthetic and educational purposes, no copyright infringement is intended. If you are the copyright holder and do not want your song to be featured, please contact us via developer email and tell us about your ownership status of the song. We will delete the song in question.

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