LogicLike: Kids Learning Games. Educational App 4

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LogicLike: Kids Learning Games. Educational App 4LogicLike: Kids Learning Games. Educational App 4LogicLike: Kids Learning Games. Educational App 4LogicLike: Kids Learning Games. Educational App 4LogicLike: Kids Learning Games. Educational App 4

Logic Like: Learning Games. Educational App for Kids 4 - 8 years old - the best instructional game!

Every mother or father desires to give their youngsters the best training potential, and we are right here that can help you with that! We've made an app for preschoolers and elementary college youngsters. With the step-by-step LogicLike course, youngsters aged 4, 5, and 6 can get ready for college, and those aged 6, 7, and 8 can apply during the 1st and 2nd grade. In LogicLike, we offer a variety of workouts for kids to assist them develop logic, important considering, and deduction for youngsters and toddlers. We use special approach to train memory and a spotlight. Developed by skilled educational professionals and lecturers, puzzles and riddles, rebuses, kids's games for boys and girls to develop logic and critical thinking are to help develop deduction, reminiscence, and different mental schools.

We've got 2500 instructional and mathematical riddles, tricky questions, good riddles, rebuses, and arithmetic issues ready for you. Interesting, easy and difficult, training, and informative video games for girls and boys, lessons and tasks. Captivating mind teasers to follow 15-20 daily assist to remain sharp and practice the mind. Your kid will get pleasure from creating thinking, and deduction, as properly as memory, attention, and intellect!


- Logic puzzles: find the odd merchandise in the picture, odd word out, sets, organize the items, type the objects.

- 3D considering: puzzles to apply spatial pondering. Shapes, geometric figures, and colours.

- Math puzzles: youngsters's mathematical rebuses with letters and figures, magic squares, math and arithmetic problems.

- Find a pattern and what comes subsequent.

- Weighing and transfusions.

- Chess puzzles for beginners.

- Grid puzzles: cells, Sudoku, Kakuro, figures

- Math (addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, abacus games) for 1 - 2 grade.

- Educational duties for teenagers and toddlers.

- Arithmetic: classes of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Getting prepared for school and other tasks and issues to develop intellect.


The collection of educational puzzles and math problems to apply with children and toddlers is getting bigger each day!

We've received 500 riddles, 400 3D puzzles, 300 rebuses, arithmetic, math problems, and lots of of different fascinating duties and puzzles to develop thinking, reminiscence.

We add new interesting academic puzzles to develop logic and youngsters's rebuses to train thinking regularly.

While playing, your kid will develop and improve essential abilities, memory, and logic faculties:

1. Thinking critically, out of the box, reasoning and analyzing logically. Memory, and math.

2. Interest in new puzzles, willingness to learn and handle info productively. Best preschool and school education.

3. Solving any logic puzzles easily and discovering solutions to the toughest questions, riddles, issues, and duties.

4. The programs are developed for kids aged 4, 5, 6, 7, and eight. 1 - 2 grade. Focus on self-study.

Intellect-developing duties and riddles, rebuses and math problems (1st and 2nd grade), video games for girls and boys - they will turn into a new hobby for kids and toddlers who're 4, 5, 6, 7, and eight years outdated. Do logic workout routines and have fun - learning at LogicLike is waiting for you.

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