MandarinGo - Learning Mandarin Chinese


MandarinGo - Learning Mandarin ChineseMandarinGo - Learning Mandarin ChineseMandarinGo - Learning Mandarin Chinese

It's an ideal app to organize for HSK exam! It incorporates a total of 2500 words from HSK1, HSK2, HSK3, HSK4, and HSK5 of the Chinese Language Test! (HSK6 is coming soon)

【What is MandarinGo?】

This is an app that lets you train your vocabulary in a quiz format, specializing in Chinese vocabulary. It's easy and simple to make use of, and you can begin learning instantly.

You can be taught in your commuting time or in your spare time.

【App features】

◉ Simple, easy-to-use design. You can start studying immediately just a single faucet of a button from the house display.

◉ All phrases have a pinyin and pronunciation audio.

◉ Support offline use! Internet connection is not required so you can use it where community is poor, such as the subway.

◉ It is suitable with pinyin (tone) adjustments.

◉ Simplified and conventional Chinese characters are both supported. If you alter the settings to conventional characters, you can be taught the meanings and expressions of Mandarin Chinese phrases used in Taiwan. (e.g. Bicycle in Mainland known as 自行车, but in Taiwan it's referred to as 腳踏車.)

◉ Support Mainland Mandarin Chinese and Taiwan Mandarin Chinese pronunciation sorts.

◉ All words are sorted by a half of speech. You can be taught the correct meaning by every a part of speech.

◉ Suitable for beginner to advanced learners. You can research a complete of 2500 phrases from HSK1, HSK2, HSK3, HSK4, and HSK5, all freed from charge. (HSK6 degree is coming soon)

◉ Learn Chinese in a quiz format with 4 choices, which is enjoyable and game-like.

◉ Test feature: You can review the phrases in every unit to be certain to've mastered them.

◉ General evaluate feature: You can evaluate the phrases you might have mastered, memorized, principally memorized, and unlearned.

◉ Checklist characteristic: You can add the words that you're not good at and to the guidelines and evaluation them at any time.

◉ Total days of examine function: You will see the entire number of days you've got studied!

【How to use MandarinGo?】

1. Select the HSK degree that suits you best.

2. Press the Start Learning button and answer the 4-choice quiz. If you aren't certain with the phrase, press the not sure button.

3. Check the words you made a mistake on the reply result screen. For words you need to examine later, add them to the checklist.

4. Try the spherical test after you've realized all of the words in every spherical.

5. Review regularly with the General evaluation characteristic.

6. Use the words you've got discovered in Mandaringo to follow speaking with native Chinese speakers outdoors of the app!

7. Repeat 1~6 to reinforce your vocabulary.


・English, Japanese


・Includes ads

Our aim is to be a user-friendly service and make our app useful for all Chinese learners, so if you have a request of a function, please let us know. We are greatly welcome to obtain any feedback or suggestions!


Feel free to provide us your feedback and suggestions!

Email: [email protected]

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