By MyHummy


With the myHummy cell app you possibly can:

Switch the sound system on and off

Select your most well-liked sound - there are 5 kinds of white noise to select from, which resemble: a hairdryer, vacuum cleaner, sea waves, rainfall, and amniotic fluid with a heartbeat.

Change the volume level

Set the timer - the timer could be set for a most of 12 hours. At the top of the pre-set time the volume will gradually fade out.

Enable and disable the Sleep Sensor - When enabled, the Humming Heart will enter standby mode after the sound has light. The sound will resume once more if the baby begins to cry or if any other noise is detected in the baby’s setting. An alert message is shipped to the telephone every time the sound resumes.

Use Alarm mode - when the Humming Heart detects a noise, the app will play the pre-selected alarm sound on your smartphone. If the Humming Heart is already playing sounds when your baby cries, or one other sound is detected, the app will also activate the alarm. (NB: Alarm mode works withing Bluetooth range)

Baby Monitor mode - Use Baby Monitor mode to ship notifications to a phone when child wakes up, even when white noise is not on (within Bluetooth range).

As part of using the appliance, no information is collected that would in any means be used for unambiguous personal identification: telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, social community accounts, pictures, actual location, and so forth.

The Szumisie application makes use of the analytical system of Firebase Analytics, provided by Google, due to which designated staff of Szumisie sp. Z o.o. they can find out how many customers have an software, how they use it, what their approximate geographical location and what the technical knowledge about the device on which the applying is installed are. The Firebase Analytics system does not identify particular person customers.

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