NRK gives you a quick overview of the news picture and what interests you. In a completely new packaging, you can experience Norway's widest news offer - from the latest updates in the news picture, through top issues and what others have read, to long reading and the categories you choose to watch more of.

If you have the apps NRK TV NRK Radio also gives you a seamless connection to current programs and live channels.

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This app needs the following accesses:

The device and app log are used to find out if the app is running in the background. This permission is no longer required to give the user alerts, and will be removed in an update.

Identity is used to give the user alerts at retailer news events, morning summaries or news stories you choose to follow. This permission is no longer required to receive notifications, and will be removed in an update.

Position is used to provide the user with district news where he is, and sends with the position in news tips if the user selects it.

Information about Wi-Fi connection is used to find out if the user has internet access.

Camera and pictures / media / files are used to be able to attach pictures or video if the user uses of the News Tips feature.

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