Parallel Zone - Multiple Accounts

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Parallel Zone - Multiple AccountsParallel Zone - Multiple AccountsParallel Zone - Multiple AccountsParallel Zone - Multiple AccountsParallel Zone - Multiple Accounts

Parallel Zone relies on a new powerful app dual-opening engine, which supports the cloning of any social media apps and recreation apps. You can log in to your second account on the cloned utility in Parallel Space, enabling you to log in to two accounts on the similar time on one mobile phone.

Parallel apps are independent of each other, and all data and communication do not intrude with one another. It is your finest option for balancing work and life, personal and public accounts.

♥️ News: Android eleven has been perfectly adapted!

✨ Parallel Space Parallel Zone

· Independent parallel house, you'll be able to clone almost all apps here, including social and gaming apps, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, clash of clans, etc.

· Independent data storage, the cloned parallel app is independent of your authentic app and doesn't intrude with one another.

· Independent communication and notifications, and notifications of cloned apps in parallel area may additionally be delivered in time and precisely.

✨ App Cloner

· Professional app cloner, which clones apps out of your phone to the clone space.

· Any apps you have to log in to multiple accounts could be clone easily, including social apps, game apps.

· Just choose any app and click the clone button to easily clone a parallel utility.

✨ Multiple Accounts Second Account

· Excellent multi-account management tool, any app could be cloned without restriction, and you can log in to a quantity of accounts on one mobile phone at the similar time.

· Easily balance work and life accounts.

· Separate public accounts and private accounts.

· Regardless of enterprise needs or social needs, Parallel Zone is the greatest choice.

✨ One Tap Operation

· Extremely simple operation expertise, anything can be carried out with one click on.

· One-click clone application

· One-click launch of parallel applications

✨ Privacy Lock

· Set a gesture password to guard the application data security in the parallel space.

· A safer calculator password lock, providing the most effective disguise icon and unlocking method.

✨ Extended Function

· Parallel software desktop shortcut, you can start the cloned application without opening the parallel house.

· The notification bar is quickly launched, and parallel applications can be launched without opening the parallel house.

· Popular emoticons advice, simply get popular emoticons and forward them to any social media platform.

· Instant software, no have to clone, just click on to use.

⚠️ Notice

· Any permissions are based on the needs of the applying you cloned. Parallel Zone itself does not need these permissions. You can authorize them as wanted.

· Parallel Zone won't ever collect and misuse your private information, nor will it grant it to any third celebration.

· Parallel Zone only occupies a really small cupboard space, most of the space for storing is generated by cloned parallel applications, so it depends on the size and quantity of the purposes you cloned.

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