Pico workshop using MicroPython

By Peter Ho

Pico workshop using MicroPython

This app is based on Raspberry Pi Pico growth board. All the codes offered are written in micropython. It is suitable for hobbyist or students.


1. Display projects

• I2C Character LCM 16x2, 20x4

• I2C OLED 96x64, SPI OLED 96x64

2. Sensors Projects

• 18B20 (1-wire temperature sensor)

• BMP180 (pressure)

• MPU6050 (accelerator gyroscope)

• Pulse sensor (Measure heart rate)

3. Automation projects

• Home automation using Wifi

• Home automation utilizing bluetooth

• Home automation using bluetooth LE

4. Internet-of-Things Projects

• Post sensor information to Iot Thingspeak website

• Post sensor knowledge through SMS

More initiatives shall be added quickly !

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