PINbonus — Discount cards

By PINbonus

PINbonus — Discount cards

Collect your low cost cards with PINbonus!

Leave your mass of cards at home! All you need to get a reduction is to point out card picture within the app to the cashier.

How does it work?

You choose a card from a predefined list of 100 brands,

Then scan its barcode or type a card number,

Show the barcode to the cashier on checkout.

Why PINbonus?

It’s free. No locked functions, nor in-app purchases.

Convenience: easy access to major and new brands discount cards.

Economy: get reductions in retailers and save your money!

Ease: no registration wanted to start.

Confidence: we work hard to offer you new confirmed cards.

Safety: retailer your playing cards in cloud, and have an access to them using Facebook join.

Work offline: all functionality is out there offline, except cloud syncing.

If the cashier has troubles with reading barcode from display, just inform him the cardboard number.

Do you need to tell us a few new low cost or loyalty card? Need more information?

Give us a suggestions:

[email protected]

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