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Planning Center ServicesPlanning Center ServicesPlanning Center ServicesPlanning Center ServicesPlanning Center Services

You should already have an account with Planning Center to make use of this app. To sign up for an account subscription, have your group's administrator go to

===== Planning Center Services: ======

Planning Center Services is an online scheduling and worship planning software to maintain your employees and volunteers connected.

With our native Android app, you get an optimized Planning Center Services experience wherever you are! You can handle your schedule, settle for or decline requests, blockout dates, or upload your profile picture. Musicians can use the built-in media participant or attachments section to entry and rehearse their music. Schedulers can add customers to schedules, verify for conflicts, and e-mail their teams at any time. Easily add to, reorder, and edit your plans.

Plan pages and your personal schedule will stay update to indicate you the latest information.

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