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2D roguelike action shooting.

A serious action capturing sport optimized for smartphone operation.

An arcade-like motion sport that you could play critically if you want to play.

The capture that modifications with gear.

A system designed to make item restoration comfortable.

Capture the mysterious ruins that change every time you play!


You can fly around with your fingers without restrict.

Flick to move, faucet to shoot, long press and aim 360 degrees freely cost shot.

We will use these actions to capture randomly generated ruins.

-Item collection

There is a treasure box within the subject, and the equipment drops by opening the treasure field or defeating enemy.

Annihilating the enemies in the field makes it attainable to use an easy-to-use merchandise recovery system, which lets you choose and retrieve gadgets comfortably.

Let's change to stronger equipment and aim deep within the ruins.

-Roguelike game

If your life is misplaced and the game is over, your gear shall be lost and your second problem will be from the beginning.

In order to move deeper, you'll depend on the player's reminiscence and expertise.

What on earth are the issues that wait in the again of the ruins ...

Aim for that and try challenging.

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