Sensor Data

By Vipul Lugade

Sensor DataSensor DataSensor DataSensor DataSensor Data

Sensor Data allows you to record, save, and evaluate data collected out of your telephone or tablet's constructed-in sensors.

SENSORS: Includes capabilities on your built-in accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetic area, mild, proximity, pressure, humidity, and/or temperature sensors. Further supports composite sensors similar to heartrate, step counter, step detector, rotation vector, gravity, linear acceleration, and uncalibrated sensors.

EASY TO USE: Select your sensors within the settings and easily click on Record to begin.

SAVE TO FILE or DRIVE: All information could be automatically saved to your system or to Google Drive in a tab-delimited .txt file to permit for additional evaluation.

ANALYZE YOUR DATA: Data recordsdata can be analyzed in Sensor Data by performing actions such as power spectral analysis, re-sampling, or Butterworth filtering.

SIMULTANEOUS RECORDING: Manipulate sampling frequency, duration of report, and the variety of sensors to record concurrently.

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