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Síminn TelevisionSíminn TelevisionSíminn TelevisionSíminn TelevisionSíminn Television

In the Síminn Television app, you can use Síminn Premium Television, watch TV programs, use Tímaflakk, watch movies, children's programs, TV shows and watch the Freedom of the TV stations on your device.

To use the app to have a subscription to Síminn Television, or to be a mobile phone user with Síminn. To get the most out of your TV subscription, use the video key login, and pair your device with the video key subscription. In the login process, you will receive further instructions on how to pair the app with Síminn Television's video key. You can register up to five smart devices per TV subscription, but only one device can play at a time. of TV shows from Síminn Premium TV.

You can also try a free version of the app with limited features.

The app can be used on all domestic internet connections, WiFi, 3G and 4G. If you watch content over a mobile network (3G or 4G), it uses the included amount of data in the same way as other providers that offer views on smart devices.

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