Sleep Recorder - Sleep Cycle Tracker

By Easy Health Team

Sleep Recorder - Sleep Cycle TrackerSleep Recorder - Sleep Cycle TrackerSleep Recorder - Sleep Cycle Tracker

Do you snore or discuss whereas sleeping?

How a lot deep sleep do you get when sleeping?

Install Sleep Recorder in your Android now in case you are excited about enhancing your sleep by tracking sleep details!

Sleep Recorder uses both microphone and accelerator to measure sounds and motions all through the night. Track to grasp your sleep, find your personal sleep phases then improve better sleep habits to keep wholesome.

Key Features:

▷1. Sleep Recorder

Record your humorous sleep farting, talking, or loud night breathing sounds and share them with households or associates.

▷2. Sleep Music

- Listen to stress-free nature sounds, soothing melodies white noise to go to sleep quick, relieve insomnia, and get more deep sleep!

▷3. Sleep Tracker

- Track sleep cycles and monitor your sleep phases through the night

- Provide great overall insights in your sleep quality

▷4. Sleep Reports

- Get a chart of sleep evaluation about gentle sleep, deep sleep, REM(dreaming), awake time

▷5. Sleep Statistics

- Get a chart of stylish sleep statistics, find a way to know why your sleep is good or not good

▷6. Smart Alarm

- Wake you up gently with a sensible alarm

What You Can Benefit from if You Keep Using Sleep Recorder?

- Help you construct a better sleep routine

- Help improve your sleep quality

How to Use Sleep Recorder?

- Install app and finish basic settings in regards to the alarm, sleep reminder, etc.

- Open the app to start recording and tracking before your sleep

- Open the app to stop recording and monitoring whenever you wake up

- Check your sleep records

Please Note the Following:

* It is beneficial to connect Android to a charger or hold enough battery

* Set Airplane Mode when you fear concerning the cellphone radiation

* Place your Android close to you with the microphone towards your bed

* Remove Sleep Recorder from Phone Battery Optimization list, in any other case will in all probability be killed by the system whereas working at night time, then you get nothing when waking up

Background Mode

Recording and monitoring runs also in background mode.

Customer Support

Happy customers are our highest precedence. If you might have an issue with our app, please contact us via Settings - Feedback

Simple Tips to Get Good Sleep

- Keep your bed room quiet, darkish, cool(Low temperature)

- Feel relaxed

Let’s start report and monitor sleep tonight to stay healthy!

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