Tasty Blue

By Dingo Games

Tasty BlueTasty BlueTasty BlueTasty BlueTasty Blue

In Tasty Blue, you play as a tiny goldfish with an insatiable urge for food. After being overfed by your owner, you escape into the ocean and begin to eat every little thing that you encounter. The extra you eat, the bigger you get!

In addition to the goldfish, you can also play as a hungry dolphin and a ravenous shark. The dolphin starts off as an overworked aquarium star, pressured to leap through flaming hoops for meals. He escapes from captivity by consuming his means by way of the aquarium and taking revenge on his trainer. The shark is the final playable character, a man-made fish created by scientists to save Earth's oceans. It makes use of self-replicating nano know-how to consume every thing in its path and convert their matter into its personal. There's no telling how huge this shark will get.

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