Text Fiction - Play Zork!

By Onyxbits

Text Fiction - Play Zork!

SYNOPSIS: TextFiction - An interpreter for interactive fiction tales (aka: terp, z-machine, textual content adventure engine, interactive e-book reader)


West of House

This is an open subject west of a white home, with a boarded

front door. There is a small mailbox right here. A rubber mat saying 'Welcome to

Zork!' lies by the door.

What next? _

With interactive fiction novels you're greater than only a passive e-book reader, following the adventures of the hero. Instead, you turn into the hero! Explore the world, make decissions and in the end resolve on the outcome. IF tales are fun for hours, immersive as hell and play at your personal pace, making them the ideal move time for a long highway trip and quick work breaks alike.

TextFiction is definitely the most effective adaptation of the style out there for Android. You management the protagonist by way of a novel SMS like interface which replaces the necessity for typing instructions with intuitive touch controls. Users of chat apps will immediately really feel at home! The barrier-free design also makes this app the proper choice for customers with disabilities.

Hundreds of free RPG tales from dozens of literature genres (sci-fi, fantasy, mystery,... ) can be found for obtain, guaranteeing leisure for months to come. You can't get extra offline games free of charge in one single app!


* Supports z3, z5 and z8 z-machine video games (may be wrapped in zblorb), no glulx

* Unique, instant messanger like consumer interface

* Configurable action keys to cut down on typing (long press to modify).

* Tap words within the story to repeat them into the commandline. Double faucet to clear.

* Nightmode and traditional Terp mode (Lucy, Mina and Jason colorscheme)

* Optionally makes use of the Text To Spech engine to learn tales out loud (long touch a bubble to start/stop narration).

* Touch delicate borders/corners for shifting within the designated cardinal direction (may be fiddly on small screens).

* Saving/restoring progress (including autosave when navigating away from the app)

* A real battery saver because of low energy consumption and no advertisements (TextFiction is one of the few video games that do not want wifi).

FAQ (please don't abuse the critiques as a help forum!):

Q: I'm new. What's an interactive story?

A: Have you ever read a novel and longed for collaborating within the plot yourself? Interactive stories let you do exactly that. Textfiction is like a fanfiction reader (a library app at no cost books) that only describes to you the setting, however lets you choose your personal actions, usually resolving in different endings.

Q: Are the video games free?

A: Textfiction itself free to play. Most of the interactive novels are in the public area and could also be downloaded free of cost to your library.

Q: How do I save/restore a game?

A: Press the Plus button to bring up the menu. Save/restore instructions will not work.

Q: Do I unfastened my progress when going again to the libary app?

A: No! Whenever you leave the story screen, the sport performs an auto save. It does not, nevertheless, perform an autorestore when you return (leaving the sport is suppose to be a reset).

Q: Why is the story output erased after I restore a game?

A: When you restore a game, you progress to another part of the story. The present chat history not applies and gets discarded to keep away from confusion.

Q: Can I change the action buttons?

A: Yes! just write something in the commandline, then long press a button to modify it.

Q: Can I write my own fanfiction stories?

A: Yes! The authoring device of alternative can be discovered here: http://inform7.com

Q: Why does my bluetooth keyboard repeat the enter key?

A: Text Fiction comes free of charge. Unfortunately, this means no budget for purchasing troublesome hardware so as to examine the issue out.

Q: Will a 1* score convince you to alter the app based on my whims?

A: Go kiss a Grue

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