Twilio Authy 2-Factor Authentication

By Authy

Twilio Authy 2-Factor AuthenticationTwilio Authy 2-Factor AuthenticationTwilio Authy 2-Factor AuthenticationTwilio Authy 2-Factor AuthenticationTwilio Authy 2-Factor Authentication

Authy brings the future of sturdy authentication to the convenience of your Android gadget.

The Authy app generates safe 2 step verification tokens in your device. It helps you shield your account from hackers and hijackers by including an extra layer of safety.

Why Authy is the most effective multi issue authentication app:

- Secure Cloud Backups:

Did you lose your system and got locked out of all of your accounts? Authy provides secure cloud encrypted backups so you will never lose entry to your tokens again. We use the identical algorithm banks and the NSA use to guard their information.

- Multi Device Synchronization:

Are your re-scanning all of your QR codes just to add them to your pill and smartphone? With authy you possibly can merely add gadgets to your account and your whole 2fa tokens will automatically synchronize.

- Offline:

Still waiting for an SMS to arrive? do you journey continually and lose access to your accounts? Authy generates secure tokens offline from the security of your Android device, this way you can authenticate securely even when in airplane mode.

- All of your accounts:

We assist most major multifactor authentication accounts together with Facebook, Dropbox, Amazon, Gmail, and hundreds of different suppliers. We additionally help 8 digit tokens.

- Protect your bitcoins:

Authy is the popular two issue authentication solution to protect your bitcoin wallet. We are the default 2fa provider for trusted companies like Coinbase, CEX.IO, BitGo and lots of others.

- What is two factor authentication?

Two-issue authentication is among the finest issues you are able to do to verify your accounts don't get hacked - LifeHacker

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