Voice Notebook - continuous speech to text

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Voice Notebook - continuous speech to textVoice Notebook - continuous speech to textVoice Notebook - continuous speech to textVoice Notebook - continuous speech to textVoice Notebook - continuous speech to text

The speech to textual content application that allows you to take voice notes and save them locally or ship them to cloud providers. Supports a customizable list of replaceable phrases and punctuation for voice input; continuous speech recognition; letter capitalization management; undo command for the final speech enter, triggered by a button or by voice. Can recognize speech in online and in offline mode (offline mode not available for some units and languages). Contains phrases and characters counter. Convenient for bilingual voice input. Exports notes to Documents or Download folder or sends them to any textual content program. Can import text files from file managers or Google drive. Has a widget for handy begin. The notes can be learn aloud by android TTS engine.

Requirements for work:

1. The utility uses voice input from Google, so the gadget (phone or tablet) should have Google App put in and updated(!) - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.googlequicksearchbox

2. To enhance the speech recognition it's fascinating to have an Internet connection and in addition need to put in a language pack for local voice recognition. Without an area language pack, if the Internet is lost, the appliance will stop and give an error. To install the bundle, read the software assist.

Premium mode remove ads and has settings for:

Saving power mode (gives you more time for dictation)

Always on Screen mode with non stopping dictation

Setting Predefined e-mail for sending voice notes by minimal clicks

Live word counter

Bluetooth support

Premium settings are in the bottom of General settings page

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