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Are you otherwise you relations having exhausting time managing the online time spent for chatting? Average internet user spends too much time chatting on Whatsapp or Telegram. Do you wish to enhance your productivity by decreasing the time you wasted on Whatsapp? If the reply is sure you should use Whatster! It does not and will by no means require any login information related to the apps or websites talked about beneath.

Important: You can use Whatster in your personal or on your family member's productiveness whatsapp monitoring functions. You have to get consent if you wish to monitor any other member of your family or if you want to use it for parental control.

Ultimate Online Productivity Tracker:

Whatster is a productivity tracking tool that will help you use your time extra effectively. It is checking the online times for social networks similar to Twitter, Tiktok, Instagram and last seen occasions for Whatsapp.

AI Based Photo Suggestion:

Do not waste time looking for photographs to share! We know that it takes pretty much time and kills productivity looking for photographs to share on social networks. Whatster has a an ai based photo suggestion feature to share on consumer's own Whatsapp standing or on other social networks such as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.


• Track the time spent on social networks and online messengers.

• AI based mostly well-liked photo suggestion characteristic

• Sends you prompt on-line notifications

• Shows online last seen instances for Whatsapp

• Monitoring up to 10 profiles

• Stylish graphs for the hours of the day and days of the week online usage

• Helps you acquire and analyze on-line stats in a consumer-pleasant interface

• Support for 7/24

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