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YiChi - Learn ChineseYiChi - Learn ChineseYiChi - Learn Chinese

Want to excellent the art of speaking Chinese Mandarin? YiChi is the only Chinese spoken language studying app that makes use of AI-based voice analysis know-how to enable you to talk good Chinese Mandarin from Day 1!​

Awarded the most progressive product in the 1024 International Developer Festival,

2019, China's premier AI summit hosted by iFLYTEK Co. Ltd. ​

Speak the proper Chinese Mandarin language with ease​

Explore the Chinese Mandarin phonetic system together with your free YiChi foundational course. Here, you will hone your understanding of the Chinese initials, finals, and tones via visible illustration and AI-based voice evaluation methods. ​

Perfect the Chinese Mandarin pronunciation via voice evaluation​

With our AI-based voice analysis system, you'll be taught to pronounce and form

Chinese Mandarin words and sentences with ease and perfection. Regular feedback loops, oral challenges and quizzes have been integrated to optimize your learning of Chinese Mandarin. ​

Learn Chinese character recognition and writing​

Learning the strokes of Chinese Mandarin will become enjoyable right here with animated,

vibrant illustrations. Through this visual method, you'll keep in mind the strokes better and be more proficient in Chinese Mandarin. Also, our Levelled Flashcards will assist you to be taught and enhance your Chinese Mandarin vocabulary.​

Here's how YiChi helps you be taught Chinese Mandarin the most effective:​

AI-based Voice Evaluation​

You will good your Chinese Mandarin pronunciation with the assistance of a speaking

guide and an accuracy score shall be provided for every Chinese word spoken,

verified by our AI-based voice analysis system.​

Leveled Lessons to test your Chinese Mandarin proficiency​

The lessons are divided basis the standard Chinese proficiency check, i.e. HSK test on your ease of learning Chinese Mandarin.​

Oral Challenges​

Role-based, individual lesson-based speaking challenges have been specifically designed to test your progress accurately with assistance from our AI-based voice analysis system. These exams will offer you instant constructive feedback to good your Chinese Mandarin speech.​


You can reinforce your learnings of Chinese Mandarin by making an attempt fun and refreshing quizzes provided at the finish of each lesson.​

Performance Report​

You can easily monitor your progress right here. Furthermore, you can know your time

spent in learning Chinese Mandarin, the variety of classes learned, and get your full accuracy rating in this section of the YiChi App.​


You will earn YiChi coins by completing your lessons on time and bettering your performance. ​

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