Thanks to the suggestions of our customers we have created an app to make your life easier!

With YouApp, Banco BPM's Mobile Banking app, you can keep your current accounts, your cards, your investments

always under control and at your fingertips. Innovative design, experience

quick use are the characteristics of an intuitive and advanced interface. Manage your everyday life quickly and easily!

One-tap installation

Install and certify the new YouApp in a simple way. Enter your User ID and

Password credentials to receive the verification code via SMS and E-mail. You will be able to choose a name for

your new app account and your 4 to 8 digit device PIN to authorize all your


Token App:

You can also use YouApp as a Security Device. In fact, the app is also Token App, the

Free Security Device that can replace the physical token. You can use it to authorize

access and operations from your web banking.

Quick and easy access:

If your smartphone is equipped with biometric recognition, to access Banco BPM's mobile

banking and authorize the dispositions you just need your fingerprint or

recognition of your new phone.

After completing the access, in the Home you have an immediate view of the Current Account,

Cards, Investments and Active Loans.

New way of interacting:

To use YouApp it takes only a few and simple gestures. In the welcome area, without entering the

password, you can:

- view the balance with unoshake

- access the Quick Functions. If you have already set them up by dragging down the

tab and in a few taps you can recharge your mobile phone or prepaid card

Thanks to the intuitive navigation menu you have quick access to:

Home: offers you an immediate view of your current account, cards, investments and active loans.

Furthermore, thanks to the device button you can pay:

- SEPA, additional SEPA, Ordinary or Fast, Italian or Foreign credit transfers

- telephone and prepaid card top-ups

- arrow bulletins, blank, postmarked postal (via QR Code)

- RiBA transfers and bank debits


- Cbill, PagoPa

- car tax

Expenses: view clearly and immediately, in a single section, all the expenses

recurring charged to your account. Specifically, you can:

- search and manage your transactions list

- set search filters

- manage your debit cards, credit cards and prepaid

Investments: monitor market trends, take advantage of all opportunities and use YouApp

as a buying and selling app.

The investment area allows you to overview of your portfolio based on the instruments you have

purchased, divided between: stocks, bonds, ETFs, funds, CW / certificates and derivatives.

Select one of these categories to enter the details of your portfolio and possibly

modify your positions with a simple tap.

In addition, in the new SICAV Funds space with advanced research, choose from over 30


Available management.

Branch: you can book an appointment at the branch directly from the app and find all the branches

Banco BPM closest to you.

Other: set up account alerts, buying and selling, ask for all-round assistance.

You can talk to the voice assistant and if you need 24/7 support ask Paolo, our virtual assistant

will accompany you to the function you are looking for.

Also, call Customer Service without having to enter identification codes.

Download the BancoBPM app YouApp for free!

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